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Tampons (EP)

… the flow is heavy


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Produced by Mike Regal

The track casts her fleet flow over a hulking Mike Regal beat, a setting that encourages her to shoot from the hip. She shines a light on the mixed messages that society sends women (“Little girl you’ve got to dream big, but gotta know your place/We determine order from below the waist”), while celebrating nonconformity (“I’m so glad I chose/Baseball hats and baggy clothes.”) She also calls out one of the Milwaukee rap scene’s great elephants in the room: “When your shows are always empty, where the f*** you get them plays from?”

- Evan Rytlewski (Radio Milwaukee)

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Parallels (EP)

Over the last couple of years Shle Berry has emerged as one of the most distinctive voices in the city’s hip-hop scene, a love-struck lothario who croons her heart out on every track. While her early projects had a scrappy, DIY charm, her recent material has been far more polished, a trend that continues on her new EP Parallels, which features some of her most posh production yet, including beats from some of the Milwaukee rap scene’s heavy hitters.
— EVAN RYTLEWSKI (Shepherd Express)