Shle Berry (Milwaukee, WI) makes music that is relatable and honest - "Rap could always use more unabashed romantics, and Milwaukee's Shle Berry has never been shy about wearing her heart on her sleeve" (Evan Rytlewski, Radio Milwaukee). Shle is pushing her unique sound in the saturated hip hop industry and elevating her performance resume to include the world renowned SummerFest music festival in Milwaukee, a set at the historic Chicago House of Blues for the Market Street Days festival and a residency at Milwaukee’s Pridefest festival.

In 2018, Milwaukee responded to Shle's dedication and growing cross-cultural appeal by awarding her the Shepherd Express' Best Hip Hop Artist Award, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee's Award for Best Independent Release for her sophomore EP Parallels. In 2019, Shle released her eagerly anticipated EP Tampons to wide critical acclaim and was rewarded with Solo Artist of the Year nomination shortly thereafter. Shle's plans to continue her work in pushing boundaries and redefining today’s independent music scene.


Tampons takes an aggressive shot at misogyny. As a result, Shle slims down her melodic tendencies for a bar heavy menu. After being labeled a moody crooner, Shle continues to show growth and versatility. With flows this heavy, even a male dominated genre can't help but notice.

Tampons (May 2019)

Parallels Art.jpg

Parallels blurs the lines between rap and r&b. It's warm, spacious, and above all, personal. "You won't accomplish much by shoving facts in everyone's face... I think you change people's opinion by opening up your heart, and showing the parallels between you and another person... that's how their ideas shift.." Shle's most cohesive project to date.

Parallels (October 2018)

Shle EP.jpg

Yellow Streak was a stepping stone toward Shle's love for music and storytelling. Contrary to the stereotypes in rap, Shle finds strength in her vulnerability, despite the cowardice lurking within her. Bravery doesn't exist without fear.

Yellow Streak (November 2017)